Biblioteca d’Humanitats – Jesús López Library of Egyptology

The Biblioteca d’Humanitats of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has a specialized section on Egyptology with some 5,000 volumes including monographs and journals. It is called the Jesús López Library of Egyptology, in honour of the Egyptologist Prof. Jesús López (1933-2002), researcher at the CNRS in France and member and professor at the Institut d’Estudis del Pròxim Orient Antic (Institute for Ancient Near Eastern Studies) (IEPOA) of the UAB, since the main collection and initial nucleus of the library originated from a donation by his family after his death.

Indeed, the Jesús López Library of Egyptology is the result of the collection of various bibliographic funds donated to the university and the acquisitions of the IEPOA through its research projects.

These are the funds from donations:

Jesús López (1933-2002)
Prof. Jesús López (1933-2002)

1) Personal fund of Prof. Jesús López, donated after his death by his widow, Mrs. Chiara López (2002).

2) Fund donated by the former Aula Aegyptiaca Foundation of Barcelona after its extinction (2005).

3) Personal fund donated by Prof. Alberto J. Quevedo Álvarez, specialist in Coptic studies (year 2019).

4) Complete publications (except out-of-print titles) from the Czech Institute of Egyptology (Charles University, Prague) on loan from its director, Prof. Miroslav Bárta (year 2022).

In addition to these funds, there are ongoing acquisitions by the IEPOA, including the complete publication catalogues (except out-of-print titles) from the Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale in Cairo and the Australian Centre for Egyptology in Sydney, and an important fund of monographs and journals from the Biblioteca di Egittologia of the Università degli Studi di Milano.

The Jesús López Library of Egyptology is located in a comfortable and ample space on the third floor of the Biblioteca d’Humanitats of the UAB.