As is well known, this year 2022 we are celebrating two Egyptological anniversaries of great significance and international media impact: no less than 200 years since the decipherment of the Egyptian hieroglyphs and 100 years since the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

The IEPOA of the UAB wishes to join in the celebration of these events, which marked milestones in the history of Egyptology and the human sciences in general, with two commemorative academic events that will take place on the same dates as the commemorated events (or one day apart, in the case of the second one).

In addition, this year marks an “internal” Egyptological milestone at the UAB: the 30th anniversary of the first Egyptology classes at our university, within the framework of the Master in Oriental Studies: Egyptology and Assyriology, taught by the IEPOA from the academic year 1992-93. Since then, Egyptology has been present uninterruptedly in the educational offer of our university.

The Vice-rectorate for Communication and Culture of the UAB, in collaboration with the IEPOA, the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, and the Department of Ancient and Middle Ages Sciences, is also preparing a commemorative exhibition on all these anniversaries entitled Beyond Tutankhamun, which will be inaugurated in November.

200 years since the decipherment of hieroglyphs

On 14 September 1822, Jean-François Champollion found the key to decipher the hieroglyphic script of the Ancient Egyptians…

100 years since the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun

On 26 November 1922, Howard Carter saw for the first time the treasures hidden in the intact tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamun…

30 years of Egyptology at the UAB

In October 1992 the first courses in Egyptology were given at the UAB as part of the IEPOA Master’s Degree in Oriental Studies…


IEPOA porposes a cultural trip to the land of the Pharaohs for this summer. There will be two groups, one in Spanish and one in Catalan. This trip is offered in the framework of training programs in Egyptology at the UAB, both classroom-based and online (official master’s degree and PhD, postgraduate diploma, MOOCs, and specialization courses), but is open to all audiences and requires no previous knowledge. On the other hand, the trip aims to support IEPOA’s Egyptololgical research.

Group in catalan – 7-19 August 2022    

Group in Spanish – 18-30 July 2022